We can supply an extensive range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves from high quality British and European manufacturers such as Hunter, Parkray, Merlin, Dru, Dik Geurts, Firebelly, Henley, Invicta, Heta and Flavel.
Excellent stoves do not need to have eye watering price tags. We have selected manufacturers who have provided a track record of producing well designed, robust, reliable and efficient stoves.
All our stoves have a CE mark and many are Defra approved. 
Choosing a stove need not feel complicated or confusing. Please feel free to contact us regarding appropriate stoves for your requirements, with many years of experience Peter can provide straightforward information, honest advice and recommendations.


A few examples:
woodburner and multifuel stove
woodburner and multifuel stove
woodburner and multifuel stove
woodburner and multifuel stove
woodburner and multifuel stove

DRU 44 MF Cast iron stove


Output: 4.9kW

Efficiency rating: 78%

Cold touch handle for comfort and safety.

Airwash system

Colour options


DRU multi-fuel stoves burn wood, coal, coke, brown coal or anthracite. They are made from the toughest Norwegian cast iron and are designed to resist Scandinavian winters, when the stove burns all day long. DRU stoves have a unique triple burning system: 1. Primary air is extracted from underneath the fire plate to start the ignition process.  2. Secondary air from the rear is fed through chambers beneath to the front. Part of this is used to air-wash the window  3. Tertiary air is inserted through small holes at the back of the chamber. This, in tandem with the secondary air, ensures complete incineration of the fuel and the dispersal of fumes for highest efficiency.

Useful side loading door for the fuel. 

Rugged, reliable, versatile and efficient.



DIK GEURTS Ivar 8 store 


Output: 5-9kW

Efficiency rating: 77%

Airwash system

Ivar 8 Store is a versatile stove that can burn wood, coke or coal. It has a classic wood stove design, with a large viewing window and a convenient log storage space. With a heat output of up to 9kW, it can easily heat a spacious room, but its low emissions qualify it for DEFRA approval in smokeless zones.


Flavel Arundel


Maximum Heat Output: 4.9kW

Efficiency rating 78.4%

The Arundel multi-fuel stove has been developed with aesthetics, efficiency and flexibility in mind. This steel bodied stove has a robust and stylish look and with a large viewing window it is suitable for most room settings.


Henley Thames Multi-Fuel Stove


Output: 4.5kW

Efficiency rating 79%

The Thames 4.5kw multi fuel stove was designed specifically to fit under a standard 16′ fireplace opening. It is ideal for those awkward cast iron canopies or if you do not have much space on your hearth. Manufactured from steel with a cast iron door this stove boasts an efficiency of 79%. Also available in 8kW output.


Parkray Aspect range of woodburning stoves

Efficiency rating: Aspect 4 compact 85.5%

Nominal Output: 4.5kW

Options: multi-fuel grate, log plinth and wood storage bench


The Aspect range of stoves from Parkray all provide contemporary elegance and feature a large window so you can view the beauty of the flames in your stove. They offer great controllability, high efficiency and a 10 year warranty. All are DEFRA approved.

The Aspect 4 has an output of 3.5–5.5kW. 400mm x 515mm x 360mm

The Aspect 4 Compact has an output range of 3-5kW.

The Aspect 5 has an impressive CO emission of 0.17% so you can keep warm while being environmentally friendly.

The Aspect 5 Slimline packs in all the features of the 5 but in slimmer box. 555mm x 623mm x 330mm

The Aspect 8 Slimline is the largest stove in the Aspect range, it provides a maximum view of your fire yet also perfect for installations with limited space.


Firebelly FB1
Output: 6kW​
Efficiency rating: 78%
Wide range of colours

Designed and hand-built in the UK, this woodburning stove looks good in any interior. The huge glass window creates a great ambiance when the stove is burning. The FB1 is available as either a single sided or double-sided stove offering a maximum of 6kW output. The double sided model offers a 360 degree experience for comfort and warmth from a central position. Heat reflective fire bricks line every face of the firebox keeping the fire bed at optimum temperature and helping the FB1 achieve its high efficiency rating.


Heta Scan-line 7B
Output: 4kW

Efficiency rating: 83.1%

Terciary air.

Wall mounted option


The market’s most flexible compact stove can be used in a variety of ways: as a conventional steel stove and in combination with either soapstone or sandstone cladding. No matter which variant you choose, Scan-Line 7 is an attractive and robust solution. 

If you wish to store fuel or similar beneath the stove, or if you simply want to raise the height of the combustion chamber, a woodstore is available for Scan-Line 7B. 

The stylish and extremely functional Heta Scanline 7B woodburning stove is perfect for the smaller room. Terciary air keeps the large window clean.

Window size 290 x 393mm.


Invicta Sedan 10 Cast iron stove


Output: 10kW

Efficiency rating: 80.8%

Front and side loading


The Sedan 10 is a full cast iron made stove beautifully made and with a large rectangular window to give a large view of the fire dancing in the firebox. Featuring front and side loading this highly efficient stove is designed for modern living with its clean line styling.


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